1. nick 2012: it was a nice spinach and feta one - i'd literally never cooked before [...] 30 minute meals, i started it before x factor and we ate like when jonathan ross was on, so it did take a little bit longer. my mate that was there was like 'do you want me to just take you out for dinner? should we just go out for dinner?' i was like 'NO, it's going well!'
  2. nick 2014: once when i was trying to woo someone i was like 'what do you want for your tea? i'll make you whatever you want' and they were like 'could i have like a spinach and feta filo pie?' i was like alright.. i had to figure out how to make that, it took about 4 hours.

No one and nothing else can compare.

h e l p  m eh e l p  h i m

Artist:Unknown R1 Breakfast Show
Title: Unknown'What do you think he's had cut over the weekend, Harry..eh..Lucy? You're Lucy'
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A Hazza Styles question from Showbot which Nick finds ‘cool…cool question’, so lots of hair talk. (15.09.2014)

'What's Harry Styles had cut over the weekend?
a) his hair
b) his downstairs hair
c) the umbilical cord to Nick Grimshaw’

'I've not seen it, why has everyone seen this apart from me??' 

the trailer

i saw a post from someone requesting a post of all the clips from the trailer and what episode they were from, and i thought wow what a good idea so here it is.

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